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      Company Overview

Strong Shareholders Background

Sound Corporate Governance Structure

Standard Internal Management System

Excellent Investment & Research Group

First State Cinda Fund Management Co. Ltd (the “Company”), is a joint venture between China Cinda Asset Management Company, Ltd. (China Cinda) and Colonial First State Group (CFSG), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. It is the first fund management company held by a state-owned asset management company, and also the first Australian joint venture fund management in China.

The Company has its registered office in Shenzhen China with a registered capital of RMB100 million. China Cinda invested 54 million yuan in a 54 per cent stake of the fund company, while CFSG contributed 46 million yuan for the remaining 46 percent.

Shareholders Background

China Cinda Asset Management Company, Ltd. (originally China Cinda Asset Management Corporation) , the Chinese shareholder of the Company, was restructured on June 29, 2010. It is China’s first financial asset management company under approval from the State Council. China Cinda had brought in 4 new strategic investors including National Council for Social Security Fund (NCSSF), UBS AG and Citic capital financial holding co., LTD. With a registered capital of RMB 30,140,024,035 Yuan. Throughout China, the Company has 31 branches and a number of subsidiaries including First State Cinda Fund Management Co., Ltd., Cinda Securities Co. Ltd., Happy Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Cinda International Holdings Limited, Cinda Investment Co., Ltd., Well Kent International Holdings Company, and etc. With strong support of relevant state authorities, China Cinda Asset Management Company, Ltd. has gradually built up a powerful “Cinda-backed” financial holding platform.

Colonial First State Group Limited, the foreign shareholder of the Company, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. It is broadly engaged in the business of Colonial First State Global Asset Management. As of 31 March 2012, the CFSGL had asset under management of more than AUD 156 billion, standing as one of the globally leading fund managers investing in immerging markets and Great China area. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia today takes a leading position in the field of integrated financial services in Australia, and is one of the biggest listed companies in the Australian Stock Exchange. As of 31 December 2011, the ABC had asset under management of more than AUD 701.9 billion.

Corporate Governance

The Company has established a sound corporate governance structure, balancing Shareholder’s Meeting, Board of Directors and Supervisors in accordance with “Company Law of the People’s Republic of China”. An Advisory Committee has been established to report to the Shareholdings’ Meeting. Two special committees, namely the Risk Control Committee and the Remuneration Evaluation Committee, have been established under the Board of Directors. Three independent Directors have been appointed to the Board. The General Manager is responsible for the daily management of the Company and various committees including the Investment Review Committee and the Risk Management Committee are established to facilitate the affair-discussion and decision-making.

The Company is dedicated to fostering a fine internal relationship and a well motivated management team and work force through a perfect corporate governance structure, a sound performance evaluation system and incentive mechanism, a high degree of accountability, diligence, obligation, and responsibility of directors and management team. We believe in this way we will generate attractive return for the investors and shareholders.

Company Operation Philosophy

Standardization, Accountability, Innovation, and Return

☉ Standardization: Lawful operation, structured process and steady growth.

☉ Accountability: Build confidence and credibility to the market, the society and the investors.

☉ Innovation: Be innovative for promoting development, improving service delivery and enhancing efficiency.

☉ Return: Return to our shareholders, our customers and the society.

Address:24F., Merchants Bank Building,No.7088 Shen Nan Road,Shenzhen(518040),China
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